Attractions in Amman

  • Amman Roman Theatre
    Amman Roman Theatre
  • Citadel
  • National Archaeological Museum
    National Archaeological Museum
  • Royal Automobile Museum
    Royal Automobile Museum

Amman is the Tourist destination in Jordan. Know More details about Amman Tourist Attractions

Amman Roman Theatre

Entrance of JOD1 also covers the folklore museum and popular culture museum.

Citadel (Jabal al-Qal’a)

Located in the centre of both ancient and modern Amman.

National Archaeological Museum

Situated on the Citadel, the museum is a small but interesting collection of antiquities from all over Jordan. Fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls which used to be housed here are now being transferred to the new National Museum of Jordan.

The new Jordan Museum

Definitely a must-see! A big building only a short walk from the centre of Amman (although the locals don’t really know much about where it is). It’s free, and quite interactive; one of the few museums with sins “Please touch”. It holds a very scientifically expressed exhibition about the history of Jordan and a bit about Petra.

Royal Automobile Museum

Located next to the Al Hussein Public Parks, the museum was established in 2003 upon King Abdullah’s wishes. The museum showcases a rare collection of Jordan’s vehicles ranging from Hussein bin Ali’s cars that came to Amman in 1916 to modern sports cars.The museum has the rover used in filming of Hollywood’s highly successful The Martian, which used Jordan’s UNESCO world heritage site Wadi Rum as the backdrop for the Martian scenes. The rover was gifted to Jordan in return for the hospitality with which Jordan received the movie cast and crew.Courtesy: Wikipedia

Jordan Museum

A must visit even if you are not a museum lover. A lot of history on display taking you through the different ages of human evolution and civilizations. Stuffs as old as 25k BC collected from Jordan territory on display. Very well displayed and maintains a European outlook. JOD 5 entry fees for foreigners. Should take 3-4 hours. 5JD.Courtesy: Wikitravel