Attractions in Xian

  • Army of Terracotta Warriors and Horses
    Army of Terracotta Warriors and Horses
  • Qin ShiHuang Mausoleum
    Qin ShiHuang Mausoleum
  • Huaqing Palace
    Huaqing Palace
  • City Wall of Xi'an
    City Wall of Xi'an
  • Big (Wild) Goose Pagoda
    Big (Wild) Goose Pagoda
  • Great Mosque of Xi'an
    Great Mosque of Xi'an

Army of Terracotta Warriors and Horses

20km east of city, 2km west of the Qinshihuang mausoleum ¥150, students ¥75 (includes access to the Qin ShiHuang Mausoleum) (Take bus 306 (7¥) 914 (8¥) or 915 (8¥) from the most terminal simply outside the North Gate (not thequick terminal further north). These square measure terribly frequent, eg the 914 runs each four minutes and is clearly tagged on the facet of the bus in English. Journey time is or so eighty minutes. If you arrive from the airdrome,you’ll take the airdrome bus (26¥) for the terminal. (Prices as of Jan 2014)). season hours (March sixteenth –November 14th): 8:30 – 17:30. Low Season hours (November fifteenth – March 15th): 8:30 – 17:00.

This mighty army of terracotta warriors and horses, found in 3 vaults, is maybe the foremost well-liked travellerattraction of Shaanxi and one among|one amongst|one in every of} the foremost well-liked in all of China, with overtwo million visitors each year. an in-site museum has been engineered over the 3 excavated pits, covering a floorspace of 20,000 sq. meters and displaying 2,000 life-like terracotta warriors (there ar believed to be around 8,000 in total), one hundred some chariots, and 30,000 weapons. The assemblage has been beaked by the travellerbusiness because the Eighth wonder of the world and a world cultural heritage site by UNESCO in 1987.

Qin ShiHuang Mausoleum

2km east of the Terracotta Warriors. Admission is free with purchase of a Terracotta Warriors price ticket. (Take one among the free gold shuttle buses from the Terracotta Warriors (just behind the price ticket office). four minutes ride.). The rarely-visited mausoleum of Emperor Qin ShiHuang (for whom the terracotta warriors were built) is simply 2 km far from the warriors themselves, and admission is enclosed as a part of the price of the ticket to go to the Terracotta Warriors. the location could be a giant twenty four sq. km park that contains Qin ShiHuang’s mausoleum (still buried beneath a hill) and variety of pits that are undergoing excavation, above the mountain side. it’s believed that beneath the positioning of the mausoleum a precise duplicate of his empire has been re-created. Those trying to really get within the mausoleum mound might notice themselves entering into circles around an enormous, sq. mud brick wall that recedes into the mountain to the south. whereas no entrance is feasible within the mound itself (as of January 2014), the mound is climbable, if overgrown, with many well-worn ways to the summit. The park offers a welcome break from the busy crowds of the Terracotta Warriors and could be a nice place to relax. There are cars that may take you around from pit to pit, however they’re reserved for tour teams. make certain to require an umbrella and/or sun cream on hot days as there’s little shade. rather more walking is needed to urge to the terribly tiny excavation pits, compared with a visit to the Terracotta Warriors.

Huaqing Palace

(bus 306,914,915, the same way to Army of Terracotta Warriors and Horses it stops before). 9:00AM-5:00PM.engineered by the Tang emperor Xuanzong close to hot springs at the foot of Li Shan in Lintong County therefore he may frolic along with his favoured Imperial lady yang to his heart’s content. it’s potential to take hot baths’ll conjointly take the nearby cable car (60 yuan return) to catch a Birdseye view of the area. ¥110, ¥60 Student.

City Wall of Xi’an

As the world’s largest city wall, the Xi’an city wall has been rebuilt and is 12m high, 18m wide is its base, 15m wide onthe highest, 13.7km long, and bikes (also bikes for 2 or 3 persons) are provided for renting, currently it’s ¥45 pera hundred and twenty minutes/bike (or ¥90 for 120/2-person-bike) and a refundable deposit. you’ll rent one at the highest of all gates; you will come back it to alternative stations on the wall. remember that bikes won’t be rented if there’s any likelihood of rain, because the highest of the wall becomes slippery. Check the weather outlookbefore you get a price ticket to enter the wall. If you wish to foot it tho’, a whole loop of the walls takes 4-5 hours. The landscaped park round the base of the outside walls and trench additionally makes for a pleasing strolland provides a special perspective on the battlements and towers. The wall is lit up in the dead of night and makes for a pleasing stroll. the current city wall was built in the Ming dynasty(A.D.1368-A.D.1644) on the foundation of the Chang’an Imperial city wall of Tang dynasty(A.D.618-A.D.907). The Xi’an city Wall International Marathon is held annually in November. since 1993, running on top of the wall, athletes from amore than fiftycountries and regions have participated within the competition throughout the last sixteen sessions. Also, the Xi’ancity wall cycling Race are held on top of the wall since 2 years past.
There is alittle museum inside the city walls at Hanguang Gate, regarding halfway between the southwest cornerand the South Gate, accessible from the top of the city wall itself. seek for a steps down within a lined structure.within are the in disrepair remains of a house and a calligraphy assortment. ¥54, ¥27 students.

Big (Wild) Goose Pagoda

(At Ci’en Temple, take bus forty one or 610 from the main train station). created by Emperor Gaozong Li Zhi in 652AD. Emblem of town of Xi’an. in the fountain before of the pagoda there’s a awfully nice water and music show atnumerous times on the day (incl 9pm summer/ 8:30pm winter) with pleasant parks and western eateries near . ¥50 to enter the temple complex, another ¥40 to enter the pagoda.

Great Mosque of Xi’an

The Great mosque of Xi’an situated close to the Drum Tower on thirty Huajue Lane of Xi’an,Shaanxi province,China. The mosque covers 12,000 sq. meters.